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News from SCHRA

We're excited to announce our new website has gone live. There is still some work being put into it, but we had to many great things coming out of this that we wanted to get it out there.
  • There is a lot less clutter all over the site
  • Members can log in to update their info
  • Members must log in to see the member rates so we stop getting as many issues
  • There is better payment transaction capabilities as we have moved away from PayPal and you can pay on the site
  • Sponsors can have better visibility on the page and we can provide more of their details
  • There is more communication abilities through built in emails, newsletters, blogs, etc.
  • We're working on member specific capabilities (download presentation copies,
Should you have any issues or concerns with the site please contact us through the site's Contact Us section and we'll get back to you.
Valarese  Poole

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